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Beijing Escort - Escort Etiquette

Etiquette in most situations is often very different. However, in escorting it is usually a little more relaxed and informal, but still a certain level of etiquette is essential in maintaining an enjoyable environment for all concerned.

When you contact Elite Beijing Escorts you will not speak directly to the escort, rather you will speak to their friendly receptionist staff that will be able to assist you with your booking, and provide information that will be helpful in selecting your Beijing Escort.

At no stage during your booking are you to exchange personal details, telephone numbers, email address or any other form of social networking media to protect the privacy of the escort and yourself. We take your privacy seriously, and we expect that you will respect the privacy of the escort at all times.

Escort Etiquette



How to enjoy your Elite Beijing Escort



At the initial booking stage when you have selected your Beijing Escort in Beijing, the Elite Beijing Escort receptionist will confirm the booking details and price, and collect some information: your name, mobile telephone number and the address or your hotel details if the booking is an outcall. This information is important in case the escort agency needs to contact you about your booking and to ensure the escorts safety.





When you first meet your Elite Beijing Escort



You can be assured that your Beijing Escort will be immaculately dressed and her entrance will be discrete. There is an expected etiquette of clientele that they will be on time, dressed appropriately, clean and it is of the utmost importance that you be polite and respectful to your Beijing Escort.


At no stage will we allow your escort in Beijing to tolerate any kind of rudeness, violence and if your escort feels threatened or uncomfortable with your behaviour your Oriental escort she will terminate the booking immediately and there will be no refund. 


When your Beijing Escort arrives it is important that you settle the agreed payment to her within the first few minutes. That way the business part is out of the way and you can relax and enjoy your time with your Elite Beijing Escort.


Most meetings run very smoothly, and many clients are simply overwhelmed by the escort’s beauty. If you are nervous, tell your escort and she will know how to put you at ease and soon you will be completely comfortable and enjoy the beautiful Elite Beijing Escort you are with.


We hope that you enjoy your time with your Elite Beijing Escort.